The Ask

Each year our students face a gap in resources, supplies and educational opportunities. PTEF strives to fill that gap through funding that you, our supporters, consistently entrust  us with.  

You understand the importance of  investing in our schools, a cornerstone reflection of a caring community, a critical component of a thriving economy.

PTEF recognizes that it is a privilege to steward that gift into grants. Rigorous attention to a lean organization and measurable outcomes are the hallmark of our combined investment in our kids.

Be the tinder, that sparks the student's desire to learn beyond what is evident, for the teacher who is inspired  to  spark the flames of curiosity with creative materials and future forward tools. 

Please consider deeply the impact your giving  makes in our community, in the lives of our students and our future.

Light that spark. Be that tinder. 

The Impact

This year our grant requests surpassed $70,000 dollars in requests. Through your donations, PTEF awarded nearly $56,000 this year alone.  
It is a sobering and powerful realization that many students would not be able to reach the heights of their potential without these dollars. 
Many of our students face economic disadvantages that dim the spark of curiosity, Advance Placement students who can't afford books, an 11th grader,  if not for their families financial limitations, would be taking a PSAT exam or the pre-schooler who faces years of struggles without additional resources. These are the lives your giving has changed.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Helping our students to learn and  grow into healthy, educated and productive community members.



To engage the community in raising funds that support public education and enhance academic achievement in the Port Townsend School District.

Our Focus

Through the efforts of our board members and other volunteers, PTEF raises funds to benefit our schools through direct solicitation of community members, corporate sponsorships, and events such as our annual Soiree.  


Teaching children today allows for a brighter future, one in which they can both learn and teach. 


Resources, breaking news, shout outs......


What we do support our schools

Take Action

Volunteer your energy, talents and resources to bring inspiration and hope to those who need it. 

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